Anita Boeira

About Anita

A Brazilian native, Anita Boeira moved to Salt Lake City in 2006 to attend graduate school. Transplanting herself across the world, Anita first tested the American school waters at the University of Utah. She made the decision to attend Westminster College in the Master of Professional Communications program, and hasn't looked back since. Anita is passionate about graphic design, finding solutions, sewing, traveling, Mickey Mouse, and cats.

The Work

Anita's design career started early, around the same time that her family first got internet in their house. In her teen years she had a passion for this British rock group called Oasis, and they became the theme of her first designs. She started by designing a website about the band, and then continued to expand by starting an Oasis fan club. This was an enterprise she managed single-handedly, and also wrote and designed all of the fan club's monthly newsletters—and all that before she even graduated high school.

Currently, Anita's passion for sewing has influenced her design work, as she looks to expand her portfolio and wardrobe with fabrics designed by her.

Want to work with me?

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