For the 17th Westminster College President's Inauguration, my team and I had the opportunity to create a variety of materials made to stand out. The first request was for the invitation, sent out to over 600 guests from city officials, board of trustees members, and higher ed professionals. The design concept for the invitation was an effort between me and my junior designer, Sam Lawes, where he was in charge of the invite's typography design, and I handled the printing concept, art direction, and overall design. From that invitation concept—which won a gold in the 2016 CASE awards—I worked on the design of all other materials needed, including a program for the inauguration and all other events throughout the day. And last but not least, the most fun part of the whole event was to design President Morgan's own brew label, a root beer inspired by his love of running marathons.

Westminster Expedition

Imagine an entire semester spent on the road, exploring the American West: that van life, star gazing, spending your every moment with your best friends... And all that for college credit. That's what Westminster Expedition inaugural semester on the road hopes to accomplish. The road trip starts August 2017, and I jumped at the opportunity (I might have begged) to design a t-shirt for the students and faculty that will be on the road. I drew all icons and turned them into an all-over print design. With the versatility of the Westminster logo, I used that pattern as a texture for the logo. Now the students are all ready for this semester of adventure!

Meet Campaign

Sometimes a degree is more than a degree: it's a connection to people that you may never have met otherwise. That's what this Westminster campaign explores, the amazing network of people you can meet while getting a Westminster master's degree. This campaign was born out of brainstorm of the Office of Marketing and Communication at Westminster, and on this one I can claim more than just the design: the concept theme of "meet: so and so" was also my idea. Copy writers, beware.

Dedicated Students and Athletes Campaign

During the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Westminster College had 23 students competing at the games—that's 10% of the USA team. To celebrate our students, who excel not only in their sports but also in the classroom, we developed a campaign to celebrate them, and promote the college's partnership with US Ski and Snowboard. The campaign was developed in the Office of Marketing and Communication, and all visual elements of the campaign were developed by me. One of the ads in the campaign also received the 2015 CASE District VII Awards for Advertising: Individual Ads. This campaign was also one of our most popular social media campaigns to date.

Postcard Design

The postcard shown here was created as a promotional piece for a baby clothing line I sold on Etsy, under my Sew Anita brand. Every customer who purchased an item from the shop would receive this postcard with it. The quote is from the song "Cecilia and the satellite" by Andrew McMahon.